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live like a YOGI

Practice Like A Yogi 


Dr. Jayshree Om

Author of the bestselling book

"The Ancient Science of Vastu" 

and a Vedic Vastu Consultant. Bengaluru


Breathe Like A Yogi - August 2020

Practice Like A Yogi - August onwards

Despite the covid situation, the learning experience was  interesting. Infact it has come as a blessing. Working out alone in the covid time got stressful, eventually. then came a msg one day from a friend that Anisha, our Gita teacher is starting with her course. I jumped in at the first glance and enrolled without a second thought. I personally went in a deeper understanding on what is yoga, how to approach the asanas, how to guide the beginners to this new learning path. The classes are a great fun and have made me come in a good discipline of an early wake up, finish bath and begin our day with a Guru prayer. Yoga has always been my passion and a great company of zoom friends make it more interesting.


Ms. Lalitha Priya

Assistant Professor in Yoga 

Vethathiri Maharishi

College of Yoga


Practice Like A Yogi  

August 2020 onwards

I'm Lalitha Priya, as I was searching for a pranayama class for a long time, the universe blessed me with Anisha Mam classes.

It was a great experience to present in her class itself. I'm really satisfied with all her sessions, as I got basic and sequential knowledge of doing pranayama mainly without diluting its philosophy.

And I have enjoyed the benefits of doing pranayama, as I could relax well after each class and my mind will be ready to accept more day to day life challenges. And my mind gained more focus and attention as well.

 I thank Anishaji and her team for their efforts in conducting such good and professional classes. 

Altogether its a very good affirming experience, my Pranamas to my guru Anishaji.


Ms. Mrinal Mehta


Breathe Like A Yogi - July 2020

Practice Like A Yogi - August onwards

I began taking Pranayama sessions and have continued classes since, despite having completed my  200hr Yoga TTC (Teacher Training Course), I’ve learnt so much with every class. For a student to look beyond mere physical benefits of yoga, and deepen curiosity to learn more with a balanced mind, grace of a guru is most important. Blessed to be your student, Anisha Ma’am, forever indebted to you. 😊Thank you for the online sessions.😊

Practice Like A Yogi

August 2020 onwards

Ms. K. Anuradha

Assistant Professor in Yoga


I really enjoyed learning practical aspects of yoga from Anisha mam. She was very knowledgeable and encouraging us with her smiling throughout the practice. She had great patience and explained the poses very clearly. Overall, it is a good experience and learning for me. Thank you Anisha mam for your heartful teaching and sharing.

Breathe Like A Yogi - July 2020

Practice Like A Yogi - August onwards

Ms. Banumathy Ashokkumar

Bharathanatyam Teacher


Anisha is an excellent teacher. Her classes are energising and fun. I came to BLAY as a begginner started with pranayama sessions and now its combined with suryanamaskaram and Asanas which is very mindful for our body shape, flexibility and strength. As a Bharathanatyam Teacher this yoga practice helps me out in many ways for my career and lifestyle. Everyday sessions moves knowledgeable, welcoming, caring and inspiring.  I feel good to be engaged in BLAY and i really believe in and have the confidence and knowledge at the end. So happy with this beautiful journey. Thankyou. Team Anbe yogam. 

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