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live like a YOGI

Yogic Nasal Rinse

Jala Neti Kriya 

Yogic Nasal Rinse (Jala Neti)  

April 2021

Ms. Ezhiloviya

Software Engineer


Very good experience overall. Would recommend to people around. Glad to have learnt Jal Neti in the right way from Jananya Akka

Ms. Karuna G

Games and movement facilitator


Yogic Nasal Rinse (Jala Neti)  

November 2020

I’m very happy. It had clear, well explained and aptly paced structure

Yogic Nasal Rinse (Jala Neti)  

October 2020

Mr. Balaji Ramakrishnan



It was like a magic, Since I had nasal congestion. I started this, there is a difference and physiologically I feel that am getting healed as well

Yogic Nasal Rinse (Jala Neti)  

October 2020

Ms. Archana

IT Professional


Jalaneti was always in my to do checklist. I wanted to do atleast once as I have heard from many who perform it daily that they have got their sinus, morning sneezes reduced. I always find my nose blocked when I get up in the morning followed by sneezes. Due to the scare, I have never tried to do it myself. When I joined BLAY session, I took the courage to attempt jalaneti. Jananya took me through it like a cake walk. I was amazed to see the amount of mucous which came out from nostrils. And for the first time after many months, I m breathing freely in the morning! For the morning sneezes, I need to do jalaneti daily to reap the benefits. Thank you Jananya for giving me confidence to do it. Thanks a lot to the entire team behind Anbeyogam.


Dr Sumalatha S

BDS,MDS in Orthodontics

Associate Professor

Best Dental Science College and Hospital


Yogic Nasal Rinse (Jala Neti)  

September 2020

I really got benefitted with this session. Though I had heard quite few methods on YouTube, when doing like hands on ... It cleared most of my doubts. I felt so relieved after performing the Jalneti. The finest details were very well taken care of as to how one should position the head.  When explained with the reason as to why water to be used should be maintained in particular temperature and why salt all these made my concepts very clear. I really thank you mam for such a beneficial session especially during such pandemic conducted so very well🙏🙏🙏

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