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Yogic Nasal Rinse

Jala Neti Kriya 

  • Are you concerned about breathing polluted air?

  • Do you sneeze frequently in the morning?

  • Are you sensitive to dust?

  • Do you have signs of Allergic Rhinitis?

  • Are you prone to Sinusitis?

  • Do you have nasal congestion?

Jala Neti is one of the Shat Kriyas, the six yogic cleansing techniques. It is a very simple process of cleansing the nasal passage using water. Regular practice helps to maintain nasal hygiene by removing any impurities in the nostrils.


Photography: Anisha Manjeni


Guidelines for Yoga practitioners for Covid-19  by Ministry of Ayush, Government of India  recommends Jala Neti for prevention, rehabilitation and to increase immunity. 

Please keep the following ready before the session:​

  1. Neti pot

  2. Lukewarm water, 1 litre mixed with 2 tsps of plain salt

  3. Old empty basin, to drain water from nose

  4. Water in room temperature

  5. Hot water

  6. Face towel

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Jala Neti Kriya

7.00-8.00am (GMT+5:30)

Sessions will be organised upon request. If interested, please get in touch:

You will need a Neti pot in order to participate in this course. Neti pots can be bought online. 

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