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live like a YOGI

Think Like A Yogi Series

The 4321 of Life

The 4321 of Life is a series of interactive talks based on chosen topics from the Bhagavad Gita, covering the following:

4 Paths

3 Qualities

2 Forces

1 Truth 

The session-wise topics are as follows:

Session 1: Karma Yoga

Session 2: Raja Yoga

Session 3: Bakthi Yoga

Session 4: Jnana Yoga

Session 5: Three Gunas & Three Bodies

Session 6: Three Diets & Three Minds

Session 7: Two Forces 

Session 8: One Truth

Online prog posters-42.jpg

Photography: Mithra

The 4321 of Life

4.00-5.30pm (GMT+5:30)

Dates for 2021 will be announced soon

Wednesdays & Saturdays

8 Sessions (90mins each)

Course Fee ₹ 2400 

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