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Anbe Yogam

live like a YOGI


When two like minded individuals connected by Yoga and similar in vision talk casually on one of these dry lock down days what would be the result? 

The result would be ‘Anbe Yogam’.

Anbe Yogam is a humble initiative to carry the 3 essential Ps of Yoga: practice, psychology and philosophy to people who would like to learn and adapt the wisdom of Yoga in their lives. 

We, Anisha Manjeni and Jananya D, are the founders. Through Anbe Yogam, we organize regular sessions on Pranayama, Asanas and Philosophy. 

It would be an immense pleasure to meet you in our sessions and introduce you to the charm of Yoga!

To some yoga is bending.

To some yoga is breathing.

And to some yoga is balance. 

To us yoga is ‘Anbu’,

a Tamil word for ‘love’.

If love is God, so would be the paths that lead to it and therefore

‘Anbe Yogam’.


Dr. T. Balasubramanian

Vice Chancellor

Chettinad Academy of Research and Education,

Former Chairman

State Environmental Appraisal Committee of TN (Govt. of India)


Breathe Like A Yogi

August 2020

I always appreciated Yoga and its benefits, but never took time to learn Pranayama or asanas. 

I have known Anisha for over two decades. When I got to know about her ‘Breathe Like A Yogi’ course, I registered right away. 

The techniques were... Read more

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